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Milrato Development offers you the best and most feature Rich Discord Bots you ever used. They are always free and never require anypayment for anyone. Also you can get yourself some own Discord Bots from our Shop/Github/Bot Maker Bot.

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Introducing our main Bot: Milrato 

Milrato is a Multifunctional Discord Bot which has over 500+ different Commands/FeaturesWith a Social Logger for Many Plattforms
With Music, Fun, NSFW, and Mini-Game Commands.

(Auto) Moderation & Systems

With Milrato you can basically do everything! Not only moderate, or auto moderate your Server. Also secure it with Anti-Nuke, -Spam and -Links! Include Systems like Application, Ticket, Reaction Roles, Logger, Automated-Social-Upload-Posters and More!

Music, Filters, Fun, Images & Minigames

Imagine just having one Bot which can do everything! Milrato has one of the highest Quality and fastest Music Systems, which is better then Rythm with duzends of Filters and almost a Hundret Commands just for MUSIC!
There are also over 200+ Fun/Expression/Emotions/Mini Games Commands!

Secure, Fast & Up to Date!

Milrato is packed with the latest Features, like Buttons, Menus and Slash Commands! It has over 600+ normal Commands and over 200+ Slash Commands!

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Our Discord Server

On our Discord Server, we are selling Discord Bots for Invites (FREE) or for Donations (BOOSTS/PAYMENT) which supports us!
We are constantly growing our Community and love to help you! If it is with Coding, Hosting or with our Shop Bots! Our 24/7 Support will always be there for you!


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Public Bots

Our Public Bots


Milrato is a multifunctional Discord Bot with over 1k Features!

Clan Bot

Clan Bot is a multifunctional Discord Bot with over 1k Features! Optimiced for Clans! (Same as Milrato)

Music Mixer

Music Mixer is one of the Best Music Bots out there with predefined Playlists and Mixes!

Lava Music

Lava Music is the fastest Music Bot on Discord!

24/7 Radio

24/7 Radio is the optimal Bot to listen to Radio/Playlists/Music 24/7 in a Channel!!

Public Waitingroom

Works exactly as 24/7 Radio, just with less customizabilities and Commands, making it slightly faster!

Channel Master

Manage Join-to-Create Channels in your Discord Servers, 40x Faster then Voice Master, with more Functions and 10 SETUPS!


Bring some Ai-Chatting in your Discord Server, and have fun with your Community!!

Discord Bot Maker

Make yourself some Discord Bots!!

Easiest Application

The Easiest Application Bot, with 10 different FREE APPLY SYSTEMS with many features!

Easiest Application 2

The second Easiest Application Bot, with 10 different FREE APPLY SYSTEMS with many features!

Milrato Global

Chat with multiple Servers at once, all around the World! With replies, With editing, With anti-spam, With deleting and with an ECONOMY SYSTEM!


A simple High Quality sound Music bot, with too many filters to recognise!

Social Poster

Automatically post new Uploads of many different Socials into your Discord Channels!!


The most up to date, feature rich and customizable Suggestion Bot on Discord!!

Bot Manager | Milrato

Our private Bot Maker & Hoster, with Payment System and more! Just for US!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I get my Bot?

    Usually within a few Hours. Most of the times we make the Bots between 17:00-01:00 GMT+1
    So you can say your Bot is 100% finished in under 12 hours!

    What if it's a custom Order?

     Custom Orders usually take between 24-72 hours, after the approvement, belongs to how busy we are!

  • Do I need to get X Invites every Month?

    You just need to get them once, and you need to have the same amount of invites in the next Month!
    This means if you lose Invites, you need to get them back again, but that's it! NO MORE INVITES NEEDED!

  • Can I modify/adjust the Bot afterwards?

    With our Custom Owner Commands, Owners can be added too (Owner == Orderer), you are able to change global Settings!
    Like Status, BotName, BotAvatar and more!

    You can also change the Bot Embeds!

    This means, for each guild with the !setup-embed Command you can change the EMBED-COLOR, EMBED-FOOTER (text & Image) and the Thumbnails!
    Note those are just the default settings! With the !embedbuilder Command you can change each custom Embed too!